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Fellows of WAPS are actively involved in the global productivity arena

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Send us your induction photograph, together with your name, country of residence, and year you were inducted into the World Academy of Productivity Science. We will share these wonderful moments in our productivity community here. 

Submission Deadline: February 29, 2024.

Fellows of WAPS are actively involved in the global productivity arena. Here are some of our Fellows' recent works.  

2024 Feb: Professor Colin Coulson-Thomas (UK)’s article, Board Leadership for Creative Companies,” appears in the February issue of Director Today. Vol. X Issue II, February, pp 43-46.

2024 Jan: At the 2024 UAE Global Convention and 31st Annual World Congress on Leadership for Innovation and Excellence, Professor colin Coulson-Thomas (UK) -- "Board’s Strategy for a Future-Ready Business in an Uncertain World"

2024 Jan: Professor Colin Coulson-Thomas (UK)’s article, “New Year Reflections and Policies for Planetary Responsibilities, appears in the January issue of Director Today. Vol. X Issue I, January, pp 111-114.  

2023 Dec: Effective Executive, Vol. 26 No. 4, pp 25-45, by Professor Colin Coulson-Thomas (UK) -- "Building Future Boards: Women and Diversity in Leadership Roles"

2023 Dec: At the 18th International Conference on Corporate Social Responsibility held in Mumbai, December 21-22, 2023,   Professor Colin Coulson-Thomas (UK) presented a theme paper, "CSR and Exploring the Evolution of ESG in the New World Economy"

2023 Dec: Mr. David Blanchflower Hon FMS (UK), is retiring as Deputy Chairman of Institute of Management Services after 50 years on the IMS Council.  Dr. Andrew Muir Hon FMS (UK), Chairman of Institute of Management Services, wrote a note which appeared in the Winter 2023 issue of the Management Services journal, thanking Mr. Blanchflower's leadership and contribution to IMS. 

2023 Dec: Management Services, Vol. 67 No. 4, Winter, pp 12-17, by Professor Colin Coulson-Thomas (UK) -- "ESG and Climate Change Challenges and Opportunities for Professionals"

2023 Dec: At the Institute of Management Services' 58th Annual General Meeting, October 13, 2023, Professor Colin Coulson-Thomas (UK) delivered a Presidential Address. Management Services, Vol. 67 No. 4, Winter, pp 6-7.  Presidential Address

2023 Dec: In Director Today, Professor Colin Coulson-Thomas (UK) provided thoughts on implementing board policies in diversified companies and groups. Vol. IX Issue XII, December, pp 95-98 -- "Implementing Board Policies in Diversified Companies and Groups"

2023 Nov: Dr. Harvey Schipper (Canada) delivered an opening address at the Fifth Knowledge-Sharing Forum event organized by WAPS. 5th KSF: "Mental Health and  Productivity"

2023 Nov: In Director Today, Professor Colin Coulson-Thomas (UK) discussed multiple challenges, imperatives, and stakeholder requirements directors face. Vol. IX Issue XI, November, pp 9-15 -- "Corporate Responsibilities: Prioritisation and Reporting"

2023 Oct: “Social Democracy, Capitalism, and Competition: A Manifesto, a book written by Professor Marcel Boyer (Canada) was published by McGill-Queen's University Press. 

2023 Oct: Suryadatta Group of Institutes, Pune, India, conferred a Surybharat Global Award 2023 upon Professor Colin Coulson-Thomas (UK).

2023 Oct: In Effective Executive, Professor Colin Coulson-Thomas (UK) discussed how applications of AI and AGI have implicate executives, company directors, executive and board leadership, stakeholders, legislators and regulators -- "AI and AGI, Executive and Board Leadership, and Our Collective Future" 

2023 Oct: The 2023 "London Global Convention on Corporate Governance & Sustainability", and Presentation of Golden Peacock Awards, were successfully held in London, U.K., October 17-20, 2023. Professor Colin Coulson-Thomas (UK) is Director General, U.K. and Europe, Institute of Directors India. Special Address and Closing Remarks

2023 Oct: In Director Today, Professor Colin Coulson-Thomas (UK) noted on the responsible and sustainable use of transformative technologies to address negative contextual trends and externalities and support transition to alternative lifestyles with a focus on related challenges facing directors and boards. Vol. IX Issue X, October, pp 35-38 -- "Sustainable Application of Transformative Technologies"





2023 Sep: Management Services, Vol. 67 No. 3, Autumn, pp 11-15, by Professor Colin Coulson-Thomas (UK) -- "Risk Management and Governance: Questions for Practitioners"

2023 Sep: Director Today, Vol. IX Issue IX, September, pp 79-87, by Professor Colin Coulson-Thomas (UK) -- "Embracing Sustainability within and through Corporate Governance: Questions for Directors"

2023 Aug: “Enhancing Productivity for Sustainable Business Growth,” a productivity and business conference organized by World Confederation of Productivity Science (India), was held on August 17, 2023. Included in the Conference Souvenir were nine papers, with “Diversity and Inclusion in Skills Development – Right to Skills” (p.19-21) by Dr. Sunil Abrol (India), and “Enhancing Productivity for Sustainable Growth: Businesses in Different Industries are Starting Their Own Revolution” (p.23-26) by Ms. Anita Y. Tang (USA)

2023 Aug:  The 2023 London Global Convention on Corporate Governance and Sustainability published a Theme Paper by Professor Colin Coulson-Thomas (UK). "Boards, ESG and Corporate Governance for the New World Economy"

2023 Aug:  Dr. Harald Harung (Norway) spoke at the Fourth Knowledge-Sharing Forum event organized by WAPS. 4th KSF: "Importance of Health and Wellness in Global Productivity"

2023 Aug: In the Director Today article, Professor Colin Coulson-Thomas (UK) raised that role diversity could and ought to play in deliberations on the form, membership, operation and effectiveness of future board. Vol. IX Issue VIII, August, pp 15-21 -- "Diversity and Future Corporate Boards"

2023 Aug: Effective Executive published a paper by Professor Colin Coulson-Thomas (UK) which looks at coaching and other development support for directors and boards related to innovation and building future-ready organizations. Coulson-Thomas, Colin (2023), Coaching and Leadership for Innovation and Future-Ready Organizations, Effective Executive, Vol. 26 No. 2, pp 5-23

2023 Jul: Professor Colin Coulson-Thomas (UK)'s theme paper, "Emerging Trends in Corporate Governance and Building Futuristic Boards – 2030", went live at the 2023 Institute of Directors Annual Directors’ Conclave, organized by IOD India. Theme Paper - Annual Directors Conclave 2023

2023 Jul: In the Director Today theme article, Professor Colin Coulson-Thomas (UK) challenges readers to think about climate governance, including from an AI perspective. Vol. IX Issue VII, July, pp 19-25 -- "ESG and Climate Governance Questions for Directors"

2023 Apr:  Professor P.B. Sharma (India) spoke at the Third Knowledge-Sharing Forum event organized by WAPS.  3rd KSF: "Making Education Vocational for Greater Employability"  

2023 Mar: Professor Colin Coulson-Thomas (UK) gave a presentation, “Resilience, Risk and Climate Change Inter-relationships and Inter-dependences,” to an international webinar on Global Risk Management Day. Changing Expectations of Directors and Boards

2022 Sep: Dr. Arun Kumar Rath (India) spoke at the First Knowledge-Sharing Forum event organized by WAPS. 1st KSF: "Productivity Strategies for Achieving Sustainable Development Goals"

2022 Jun: Dr. Thomas C. Tuttle (USA) published “Transforming a Unionized Plant: Leadership Lessons for a Divided World.” Transforming a Unionized Plant: Leadership Lessons for a Divided World: Tuttle, Thomas C.: 9798836816117: Amazon.com: Books

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