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II. All active Fellows of WAPS are listed on this website. From December 2019 to March 2024, the Academy had not awarded any Fellow destination. The World Academy of Productivity Science only recognizes those productivity professionals who are formally nominated and officially awarded the destination as Fellows of WAPS.



Productivity Science

Productivity is one of the primary sources of economic growth and competitiveness, whether it is being measured in a business, an industry, or a nation. The effectiveness of productive effort, especially in industry, is measured in terms of the rate of output per unit of input. 

Productivity Science is a management discipline, it is about reducing the input of resources necessary for a prescribed output. 

As noted by Dr. Joseph E. Faraday, Founder and First President of World Confederation of Productivity Science, “The systematic approach of the disciplines in productivity science distinguishes them from others which may achieve the same objective by trial and error, experience, intuition, ingenuity, etc.” 

Productivity Science is the science that is concerned with advising managers systematically how they may reduce the input of the resources they need to deploy to create their prescribed output.

Who We Are

The World Academy of Productivity Science (WAPS) is a division of the World Confederation of Productivity Science (WCPS). It is comprised of individual members who support the goal of WCPS and who wish to contribute to its work. 

WAPS' Vision is to become the premier global body for the promotion and development of productivity towards achieving worldwide collaboration and sustainable growth.

WAPS' Mission is to create, enhance, and disseminate the body of knowledge (BOK) for global productivity through WAPS’ worldwide network.

WAPS is an academic body focusing its activities on knowledge management, capacity building, research, and recognition of productivity professionals by inducting them as Fellows of WAPS.

Fellows of WAPS are carefully selected and honored. They are individuals who are recognized by their peers and their communities for their knowledge creation and sharing, performance results achieved and/or policy implementation accomplishments that distinguish them as contributors to the field of productivity science. 

Once inducted, Fellows become Honorary Members of WAPS. 

The Academy maintains its global Honorary Membership to a maximum of 500 active Fellows at any one time. 

The consistent hard work and collective sharing of its Fellows are the driving force that help the Academy’s continual contribution to the development of productivity science. 

WAPS History

At the 5th World Productivity Congress held in Jakarta in 1986, a resolution was adopted to establish the World Academy of Productivity Science. 

It was at the 6th World Productivity Congress held in Canada in 1988 that the Academy status was ratified. 

The Academy affirmed its belief that expansion of science and technology have placed at the disposal of mankind an unparalleled instrument for the fulfillment of its goals which is possible only by integrating what mankind knows and how it can serve the global cause not by being distant from humanity but by offering a means whereby inquiring minds can polarize their knowledge and wisdom towards the progress of mankind in a continuously changing environment. 

WAPS Board

The Academy is managed by the WAPS Board comprises of President, Vice Presidents and Members. 



Mr. CHEN Shengchang President

Mr. Chen is a research fellow and professor. He is also a post-doctoral mentor at Chinese Academy of Social Sciences’ Tehua Postdoctoral Program, Honorary President of Beijing Film Academy’s School of Humanities and Social Sciences, and Executive Vice President of The Chinese Academy of Productivity Science at Southwest Minzu University. 

Mr. Chen holds a degree in Economics from Peking University. 

Mr. Chen’s research focuses on issues of industrial structure, economies of scale, and economic globalization. Some of his published works are Introduction to the World’s New Technological Revolution, Experts’ Discussions on Knowledge Economy, Knowledge-Economy Reader and Productivity Economics

Mr. Chen is also the organizer of important academic and productivity activities. He was Secretary General of the organizing committee for the 12th WPC (2001) and the 14th WPC (2006).

He was Deputy Director, Institute of Economics at Chinese Academy of Social Sciences; chief editor, Economic Research Journal; chief editor, Mayors’ Reference Journal; and chief editor, Modernization Journal

Dr. Sunil ABROL 
Vice President

Dr. Abrol is President of Institute for Consultancy and Productivity Research, India, since 2010. He is currently Honorary Director on various Boards, including WCPS, NISF and MEPSC.

Dr. Abrol obtained a Ph.D. degree in organizational psychology from University of Delhi, and a Ph.D. degree in International Business from Indian Institute of Foreign Trade. He is a Certified Trainer by Auckland College of Education, New Zealand, and a Certified Management Consultant by International Council of Management Consultants Institutes, USA.

Dr. Abrol started his career as a Lecturer for Post-Graduate courses in University of Delhi. He worked for 25 years in the Power and Telecom sectors in management support functions. Since 2011, he started to get involved in multiple projects in skills development, including setting up a Sector Skills Council in Management, Entrepreneurship and Professional Skills.

Dr. Abrol has held position of Chairman/ President/Director in various international professional organizations, including IFTDO, AHRD, ISTD, IMCI, and DMA.

He has authored three books and contributed papers/chapters in numerous books and journals.

Ms. Anita TANG 
Vice President

Ms. Tang is Managing Director of Chicago-based Royal Roots Global Inc., a cross-border business-strategy advisory.

She is a member of the board of directors of Adtones Limited, a U.K.-based media platform technology company. She is a member of the advisory board of the U.S.-based Asian Pop-up Cinema, an NGO dedicated to creating interest and awareness of Asian culture via film screenings.

Ms. Tang graduated Summa cum Laude from Loyola University Chicago with a BBA in Economics. She also earned an MBA from Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University.

At Royal Roots, she focuses on cross-border business-strategy advisory and is a frequent speaker in U.S. and Asia’s business, government, and academic communities. Her projects span over Asia, Africa, U.K. and Europe, North America and Latin America. 

Ms. Tang's earlier career was in the financial industry – she traded the entire spectrum of instruments in the debt market. She also traded financial futures contracts on the trading floors of SIMEX and CME from the late 1980’s through the 1990’s.

WAPS Advisory Council

WAPS Advisors provide us with a spring of resources that can help the Academy better serve our Fellows and members, and in our pursuit to promoting productivity development to achieve world peace and prosperity.

Mr. Graham Hasting-Evans

United Kingdom

Mr. Graham Hasting-Evans is Managing Director of NOCN Group, a leading award body and apprentice assessment organization, the second largest awarding organization in the U.K. construction sector.

Mr. Hasting-Evans has worked closely with the Government on apprenticeship reforms including the Apprenticeship Levy. He is also President of British Association of Construction Heads (BACH). 

Before joining NOCN, Mr. Hasting-Evans was Program Director at the U.K. Commission for Employment and Skills. While he was the Head of Employment and Skills at the Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA), he developed the skills strategy for the London 2012 Olympics. 

Mr. Hasting-Evans regularly speaks at events in the U.K. and internationally and is often called upon for comment in the further-education sector media.

Professor Pritam Babu Sharma


Professor Pritam Babu Sharma is Vice Chancellor of Amity University, Gurgaon, India. He is President of the Association of Indian Universities.

Professor Sharma has a career spanning 40+ years of experience in teaching and research, including professorship of mechanical engineering at IIT Delhi before taking over as Principal of Delhi College of Engineering. He was appointed founding Vice Chancellor of Delhi Technological University when Delhi College of Engineering was upgraded to Delhi Technological University. He is also founding Vice Chancellor of Rajiv Gandhi Technical University, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India.

Professor Sharma has published over 230 research papers. He has provided industrial consultancy to national and international organizations and has addressed professional gatherings across the globe. 

Dr. Michael Shepherd 


Dr. Michael Shepherd is a Professor Emeritus in the Faculty of Computer Science at Dalhousie University, and was previously Dean of the Faculty. As the Dean, Dr. Shepherd increased enrollments by 85 percent and tripled the amount of research funding of the Faculty. He also founded the Institute for Big Data Analytics at Dalhousie and chaired two successful Big Data Conferences (2015 and 2017).  

He was also the founder and first CEO of the Centre for Data Analytics and Business Insights at the MYRA School of Business, Mysuru, India. 

Dr. Shepherd has served on the boards of various not-for-profit organizations and was the first chairperson of the Big Data Alliance of Nova Scotia. 

His research areas are information retrieval, genre for digital documents, personalization and delivery of electronic news, and smart cities.

Dr. Thomas C. Tuttle 

United States

Dr. Thomas Tuttle is President of Tuttle Group International. He is also a book author, with his latest book, “Transforming a Unionized Plant: Leadership Lessons for a Divided World,” published in June 2022. 

Dr. Tuttle consults in the areas of strategic planning, strategy implementation, strategic decision-making, values assessment, organizational sustainability, and sustainable productivity improvement, with industry areas of emphasis in municipal utilities, education, and manufacturing. Dr. Tuttle was previously Director of Maryland Center for Quality and Productivity, University of Maryland. 

Dr. Tuttle was previously a member of the Board of World Confederation of Productivity Science, and also President of World Academy of Productivity Science before he retired from his leadership position in 2019. 

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